Agro-forestry and environmental arrangements made with gabions

Gabions are boxed elements made of double torsion wire mesh with hexagonal mesh. These elements are adopted for the protection of embankments and detected, for the realization of gravity support works, for the containment of unstable grading and have ' substantial structural value ' and, as such, must meet the requirements Specifically required by the technical standards for the constructions referred to in D.M. 14th January 2008 and subsequent modifications. The gabions are placed in work after filling in the yard with stones in order to create a flexible, permeable and monolithic structure as can be the supporting walls, the spondal coatings of rivers, the bridles and the interventions for the control of erosion. (Sources: FAO and Maccaferri S. P. A) The use of gabions is also widespread in many arid and semi-arid countries, gabion barrage (FAO source especially in areas with a good availability of stones Filling, where they are used for the Spondal protection in temporary waterways, to create barriers and to protect dams on Earth. The study deals with the identification of needs and design works in gabions, in particular for programs of construction site for construction work in Gabioni (source FAO) Cooperation Which provide the component of agro-forestry and environmental arrangements. In addition to the flexibility of gabion solutions, it is important to clarify how a research (carried out by APMC, Italy) has highlighted the significant environmental benefits due to a decrease in emissions of 80% when using gabions in combination with Local stones. The analysis considered all phases of the life cycle of the functional unit under examination: I) production of basic materials (NET, stones, cement….); II) transport to the shipyard; III) installation as highlighted in the following graph. (Fonte Maccaferri S.p.A.)