The group consists of three professionals who carry out their consultancy activities in the geological-technical, territorial, Agro-forestry and environmental, civil and hydraulic engineering sectors, and work both in Italy and abroad.

Sergio Catastini – Agronomist enrolled in the order of agronomists and forestry doctors in Florence. Expert in water management, hydraulic and irrigation installations, territorial cartography, growing substrates, nutrition and plant protection.

Francesco Cintelli – Geologist enrolled in the order of geologists of Tuscany expert in studies Geologic, geo-morphological and seismic, geo-technical hydrogeological, hydrology and territorial planning.

Luca Paolo Magni – engineer enrolled in the Order of engineers of the province of Prato, expert in civil engineering, emergency engineering, Water Sanitation and Hygiene.

We mainly deal with applications in environmental and engineering, geological and technical environment, Study of soils (pedology) aimed at applications also in the field agronomic and forestry with particular Reference to the realization of cartography and territorial studies using the most advanced techniques. Each of the professionals relies on the use of specific hardware and software in the GIS and CAD environment, as well as other programs more directly specialized for applications in the field of engineering, environment, hydraulic agroforestry, geology and climate. For the field detection activitiest we are equipped with material and tools such as manual drills, GPS, probes and instruments for field analysis and kits for qualitative evaluation of water, freatimeter and geotechnical test material for in situ testing. We also use methods for hydraulic studies and applied technologies. The components of the group come from the agro-environmental, geological and engineering sectors and all have a consolidated professional experience.